We are deeply involved in every aspect of environment. The concrete projects and the considerable investments in environment guide us for a sustainable future.

Scrap and waste Management

Separation and classification of all scrap and waste at the origin regular disposal of all waste at accredited sites

Solar Power/Lighting

All indoor and outdoor illumination systems at our locations are LED powered which allows us significant decrease of our electric usage.

Fume Treatment

All our bright steel plants are equipped with fume collection and treatment facilities according to EU norms and we are regularly controlling the air purity of our indoor areas at our bright steel processing plants.

Water and Lubricant Treatment

Water is a valuable natural resource and we always control our freshwater usage at our bright steel plants with the improvement of our water treatment facilities. We continuously seperate our consumed lubricants at different stages of our production processes therefore the lubricant usage and its wasting levels continuously controlling for the positive impacts of our environment.

The concreteness, the determination for environment is the key ingredient of our AKTEQA philosopy.