Our Technologies


Drawing is the process used to improve the dimensional tolerance of hot rolled coil or bar, by means of cold deformation. Our latest technology both coil to bar drawing plants for calibration of wire diameters 5.50 – 60,00 mm as well as our bar to bar drawing plants for calibration on bar diameters up to 80 mm with covering all requirements for calibration of hot rolled material in round, hexagon, square and flat profiles, both coil to bar and bar to bar.

Coil to bar drawing is the most efficient drawing method for small and medium size profiles. Thanks to our unique technology EJP 4B combined drawing plant which is one of the largest coil to bar drawing plant ever build in the world is capable to draw both coil to bar and bar to bar applications starting wire diameters up to 60,00 mm with its installed in-line non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment, chamfering and automatic packing equipment’s.