Our Technologies

Flaw Detection, End Finishing and Packaging

Supplying the best product quality for bright steel comes from after steel processing operations such being flaw detection, chamfering and packaging technologies of the processed bright steel bars. Non-destructive testing (NDT),
the eddy current method is using to assess the surface quality of steel under test,
as well as to monitor the quality of the test results. Chamfering is the process which removes sharp edges which significantly reduces the possibility of cuts and injuries, to people handling the bright steel bars. Different types of packaging
of the bright steel bars is allowing to end users for receiving their products as exactly same as just after the production until the final location of the end users according to their distances and the type of the logistic operations.

All our bright steel processing plants are in-line equipped with the most modern non-destructive testing (NDT) instruments for surface defects according to
EN 10277, tolerance up to Class 4 together with automatic double end chamfering machines and different types of bundling and packaging which are suitable even for truck, train shipments but also suitable for container vessel and bulk vessel shipments.