HR Career


Akçelik is strong together with its employees. Our company does not only consider its people as its most valuable resource but also as its most valuable asset.

Our Human Resources philosophy is to assign our employees to positions where they can improve their talents and gain experience and we provide career and development plans to maximize their professional and personal development. We give extra responsibilities and powers to our employees to allow them to improve and use their potentials in the best way possible.

Feeling our support all the time, our employees can fully commit to their work with full social and psychological motivation.  With our programs, our employees can both work on their personal development and maximize their efficiency at work. It is a privilege to be a part of the Akçelik family.

Selection and Placement 

Do you want to design a better future by joining the Akçelik family? You can click on the “Job Ads” button on our website to review vacancies.

Our Human Resources Department evaluates candidates who want to join Akçelik family based on their skills, experience and competency in line with the strategies, goals and needs of our company.

We provide job opportunities whose competencies match with our selection criteria. We keep CVs of the candidates who are not fit for the position in our database for 6 months for potential positions in the future. All candidates are informed about the result of their employment process.