Test ve Belgeleme
We provide one of the most complex testing and inspection services at our quality laboratories located in Kocaeli, TR and Kerpen, De.
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Isıl İşlemler
For specific customer needs, our steels can be submitted to various types of heat treatments.
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Özel Boy Kesim
With more than 24 cut-to-size machines at all around our distribution centers, we are performing more than 14 Million cuts per year which gives us an opportunity to supply the exact length for your exact need.
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Kompleks Tedarik Yönetimi
We consider ourselves to be a discerning and solution-oriented partners for your steel needs. Irrespective of how unconventional your ideas or your project may be, we can always react fast and flexibly to develop the right solution for your project.
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How can we help you?

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